Yummy organic peanut butter recommendation

Anyone looking for a yummy organic peanut butter? I found one!

I have been trying to find a good organic peanut butter because when it is made of just organic peanuts and salt it is better than conventional peanut butter with added hydrogenated oils and sugar. That said, the natural oils in organic peanut butter separate and form a layer on top of the jar, which I find to be gross. Not only does it get messy and oily, but many of the organic versions of peanut butter just don’t taste as good in my opinion. That is not true for my new favorite find: MaraNatha Organic No Stir Peanut Butter. It’s absolutely delicious!

This article does state that peanut butter in general — organic or conventional — is not a great option. I did try to MaraNatha Organic Almond Butter and its was delicious as well, but my kids won’t eat anything other than peanut butter, so I guess it’s for me lol

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