What’s in your kids multi?

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your kids vitamins?
I am sad to say I hadn’t until recently. Now that I have I can tell you that I am horrified at the ingredients and cannot believe these are doctor prescribed!!! I am so mad at myself for not reading the ingredients sooner. I really love my doctors, and they are most definitely not the only ones prescribing this stuff, but I am learning to question everything and I’m seriously disappointed in this recommendation. I have been warned that a lot of doctors can be slow to adapt and to adopt new ways of thinking and instead prefer to stick with what they learned years back while in school. I also have been warned that they are often swayed by pharmaceutical reps to get whatever is most enticing financially. I am by no means saying my pediatrician does this, but some do! I should have taken this into my own hands and read the ingredients way before now ? Well, better late than never.
This is a picture of the back of my son’s vitamins:
vitamin back (2)

I cannot believe the first ingredient is aspartame!!! I am grateful to my very good friend, Caroline Bucci, who recently encouraged me to take a look. She is a thorough researcher and avid ingredient reader and she has done her due diligence on the topic of which vitamins to give her son. She spoke with pediatricians as well as a holistic doctor and researched online at length to find out what was best for them. She shared her regimen with me and I wanted to share with you. Please note she is not a doctor nor am I. This is simply moms doing research and sharing. In addition to her recommendations I found this article that lists a bunch of smarter versions to kids vitamins that is worth skimming through.

Rather than the Tri Vi Sol or Di Vi Sol we are recommended to give to our babies, or the multi recommended to toddlers, she chose a multi by Garden of Life called Vitamin Code for Kids. She found it has the same benefits minus the high fructose corn syrup, aspartame (a known carcinogen!!) and multiple dyes commonly found in kids vitamins (and my own ?).  Also always be wary of anything containing “natural flavors” as that is never a good sign. Check out your kids multi, you may be as surprised and enraged as I was to find these ingredients!
Furthermore, my vitamins had added fluoride. This is because I live in an area without fluoridated water. I have read a bunch lately on how fluoride is not good for you! See this article and video for more information. I think I will skip that!
Vitamin D:
Caroline was also told by the holistic doctor that every baby/kid should be given a vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D is good for growth and development and also boosts the immune system.
For breastfed babies she recommends putting the Baby Ddrops on a pacifier or on your nipple. Formula fed babies do not need the supplement until they switch to milk because the formula contains added vitamin D. Although she does say it’s still good to give more D in the winter during cold and flu season to further boost their immune system. Kids over one who switch to milk can benefit from this drop as well. Babies under one need 400 IU of vitamin D and toddlers over one need 600 IU. She recommends Baby Ddrops, which you can find on Amazon.
Check out this article for more on how crucial Vitamin D is for kids:
She was also instructed to give a daily probiotic to her son. I’ve always given probiotics when my kids had a stomach bug, but never knew to give it daily. Her doctor believes probiotics are important because the strength of your immune system is based largely on your gut, which probiotics help to fortify. She recommends Garden of Life brand’s Dr Formulated Probiotics. For kids who are too young or refuse this one you can try a powdered probiotic like Garden of Life’s Raw Probiotics for kids. You can hide it in yogurt.
Another tip she gave me was to never buy probiotics online. They need to be refrigerated to be effective and Amazon doesn’t put ice pack on the box. Your best bet is Whole Foods.
Here is an article that details the need for and benefit of giving kids probiotics:
Vitamin C:
When her son is sick she adds Vitamin C to the mix as it kills whatever virus is afflicting them. She recommends MegaFood brand Daily C-Protect.
Big thank you to Caroline for making me aware of the nasty ingredients in my kids vitamins and informing me of the added supplements they should be taking. I am placing my order for all her recommendations as we speak!
We hope this information helps you and encourages you to question the vitamins your kids are taking so you can switch to smarter.
-Stacy Keener
*UPDATED 4/10: After buying the Vitamin Code for Kids and having them completely rejected by my own children I had to find a different option. I heard about Smarty Pants vitamins, which are gummy and include added Omega 3’s, which is nice. The kids LOVED it. SCORE! If you have trouble getting your kids to take the Vitamin Code try out Smarty Pants.
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