What Water Should You Drink?

While we were in Florida at my best friend’s new house she had a water filtration expert come do a presentation for us that I found absolutely fascinating. His pitch included multiple little science experiments showing what was in her water (Florida has some of the worst water in the country) and seeing the harmful chemicals and metals found in regular tap water right before my eyes made me uneasy to say the least. Their drinking water actually had more chlorine than the pool! As far as my home goes, I’m dying to have a full house filtration system out in, but it’s not currently in our budget. In the meantime we filter our drinking water in our kitchen with our Bottleless XO water filtration system, which I love. While that’s good for now, this presentation opened my eyes to the fact that I don’t drink exclusively from my filtration system and I was admittedly clueless about what type of water to get when out and forced to by bottled. When I went to the store to shop for our hotel unit I couldn’t decide between the different types (purified, distilled, spring water.. the list goes on) and honestly didn’t even know the difference. I researched it and found an awesome article I want to share that will help us all to get a quick education on this important health topic ?


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