What to do when you get a bee sting

Yesterday my 4 year old was stung by a bee and proceeded to scream bloody murder for about 15 minutes. I was shocked at myself for having no idea what to do and was forced to start Googling and texting while I should have been springing into action. What I learned from Google and the help of my doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Vanessa, are a few tricks worth sharing:


Vanessa mentioned applying a raw onion to the location to force the stinger out and ease pain, but I didn’t have an onion and can’t confirm if it works or not. I did look online and this is what I found on lifehacker.com: “A fresh-cut onion might ease the pain of an insect sting because an ingredient in onions breaks down the chemicals responsible for inflammation and discomfort.” If you have an onion on hand it might be worth a try.”

I ended up using the credit card trick and it worked. At first I grabbed tweezers, but then remembered hearing that squeezing the area makes things way worse. Google confirmed this (where would we be without Google?!) This is what I read on lifehacker: “Tweezers are a common tool for removing stingers, but what many people don’t know is that removing a stinger with tweezers will inevitably squeeze any remaining venom that’s left in the venom sac into the skin. This causes even more pain and swelling. Instead, take a credit card or driver’s license and scrape the surface of the skin with the edge of the card. The stinger will catch onto the edge and gently be lifted out of the skin.” I’m happy I thought better of it.. Poor guy ?

Look for signs of fatigue, rapid pulse, trouble breathing and nausea. If you feel there is an allergic reaction occurring you should seek medical attention immediately. To learn more check out this article.


I applied ice immediately (well, truth be told, it was “immediately” after calling my mom in a panic lol). It seemed to ease the pain within seconds. I kept it on for a while – until well after his screaming ended and he calmed down.

I applied a mix of Melaleuca and Lavender essential oils (cut with a carrier – in this case Fractionated Coconut Oil) because that;s what I had on hand that Vanessa said would work. It helped relieve his pain immediately and the lavender seemed to mellow him out. He actually suddenly transformed into a SoCal version of himself and was super calm and chill and now I am thinking I may start putting it on him during the occasional meltdown LOL

For more methods check out this article.

Does anyone else have any tricks for handling bee or other insect stings?

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