Urge Obama to right a wrong

On Saturday I posted about my dismay at the DARK Act. I hope it shed some light on the topic and you are now just as angry as I am ?

Recap: “Despite overwhelming opposition from the public the Senate passed a sham GMO labeling bill last week. The bill now goes on to the House, where many expect it to pass by the middle of this week. So this new Denying Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act could be on Obama’s desk to be signed or vetoed as early as this coming Wednesday!”

What can you do? Sign the petition! President Obama has a promise to uphold. In 2007, while running for his presidency he said that Americans had the right to know and he would immediately begin working on the situation once in office. Since then he appointed a Monsanto executive as his administration’s food safety czar and has done the exact opposite. Corruption runs deep ?

Hopefully with enough public uproar he can right many wrongs. Please take action!!

obama gmo

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