To Flu Shot or Not…


I am NOT an antivaxer by any stretch of the imagination. While I do believe that vaccines should be cleaned up and made safer, I still believe they are of the utmost importance and would never not vaccinate my kids. It’s a hot topic and I’m not looking to start trouble.. Just stating my stance. The flu shot is a different story for me though and I do not look at it the same way now. After getting the flu shot every year without investigating I decided this year to do my due diligence. After reading this article and other similar write ups I concluded that I did not want to do it this year for any of us. I am not sure if everything in this article is true and I have seen other articles stating that it’s not, but lately I’m tending to err on the side of caution. I believe that with my religious use of essential oils and probiotics I can keep myself and my family healthy without injecting foreign substances into us that may in fact cause more harm than good. My pediatricians pushes the shot and truly seems to believe in it, so I was torn, but ultimately decided I would skip it. Then I got an email from my pregnant sister-in-law insisting we get the shot before being able to spend time with the new baby. I 100% understand as I was a winter baby mommy too and I know how scary the prospect of a newborn getting sick is. So, now we will all be getting the shot for the last year and I will continue to read up on it before making my decision next winter.

What will you do? Anyone all for or against the flu shot,

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