The most toxic items found in drugstores today

This article highlights the most toxic items found in drugstores and I am willing to bet that every single item is something you use. It is not awesome learning that we have been unknowingly using dangerous products on ourselves and our families daily, but the good news is I can help you find healthier versions of everything here:

1 – Tampons – I am using Seventh Generation Organic Tampons. I like them and find them to be comparable to Tampax.
Tip – look for the ones with an applicator! That was a poor purchasing mistake on my part lol

2 – Mascara – I can finally help you VERY soon – hint hint – PM me for details 🙂

3- Air Fresheners – I now am essential oil obsessed! I have diffusers in multiple rooms and use lemon oil to freshen up my home instead of traditional air fresheners, which as it turns out are slowly killing us 🙁

4- Lipstick – Beautycounter has absolutely beautiful and super smooth lip sheers and lip glosses that are SAFE! DM me for details.

5 – Hand Sanitizer – Believe it or not, I made my own! I use doTERRA essential oils and have the step-by-step instructions that I would be happy to share.

6 – Nail Polish – I am using Zoya, which I find to be very nice. They have nice colors (although I can’t find a light pink I love – yet) and they actually do last longer than Essie — score!

7 – Kids Toys & Backpacks – I am definitely not doing well here. I plan to making a conscious effort to start buying more toys made of wood and cotton. It is kind of limiting though :-/

8 – Bottled Water & Canned Food – I use the a bottleless water filtration system that I have mentioned in posts before and I almost never buy canned anything. There are plenty of other options becoming available all the time. Companies are listening – vote with your dollar and do not buy canned.

9 – Cleaning Products – I have posted about my greener cleaning product choices before – check out the post.

Final note – It’s best to not think of this as an all or none type situation. Make small changes when you can. When you run out of something – buy safer. You have to buy new anyway, better to spend a couple bucks more and protect yourself and your family whenever possible. If you make one purchasing decision differently based on this article or my notes then I applaud you. Don’t stress! Just make small changes gradually and you will be on your way to a cleaner, healthier life.

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