The many benefits of Ghee

Have you ever heard of Ghee? I hadn’t either!
You may remember a couple weeks ago when I posted an article about the benefits of coconut oil. It was a hit! People were very interested in learning more and in sharing the ways they use coconut oil in their own lives. Many of you commented and a common theme was that I should try ghee. I am happy to say I went to Whole Foods and found it.. and… drum roll… I liked it! My husband, not so much though. Ehh can’t please em all lol.
So, what is ghee? If you’re interested to find out more this article from Organic Authority is extremely informative.
For a quick rundown, here is a high-level overview of the article:
Ghee is a clarified butter whose milk solids have first been toasted, resulting in a cooking fat with oil’s very high smoke point and butter’s rich, nutty flavor, and nutritional profile.
“The more we learn about the dangers of partially hydrogenated oils, the more healthful these alternative spreads look,”
The many benefits of Ghee:
1. Lactose-Free
2. Contains Alkalizing Short-Chained Fats
3. Rich in Metabolism-Boosting Medium-Chain Fats
4. High in CLA
5. Good Source of Vitamins K, A, and E
What is Ghee Used for?
1. Deep-Frying
2. Toasting Spices
3. A Condiment
4. Coffee
5. Healing the Skin
6. Healing the Lips
7. Ayurvedic Massage
Thank you to my FB friends who suggested I look into this wonderful butter alternative 🙂
What is Ghee? All About this Healthy Fat and 7 Ways to Use It

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