The beginning of an essential oil obsession

Essential oils ?

This article is absolutely fantastic. A definite must read for anyone who may be wanting to get into essential oils. I’m amazed by their benefits and am fast becoming a true believer.

I have posted before about my reluctance to get into essential oils because I felt it was overwhelming and scary. That said, I started dabbling this past winter due to the fact that the previous winter was absolutely horrendous in terms of sicknesses. I began using a blend of Frankincense and a proprietary doTERRA blend called OnGuard in a roller bottle cut with fractionated coconut oil. I applied this to my kids feet for the entire winter with the exception of when we were away in Mexico for Thanksgiving break. As it turns out, the only time they got sick was immediately following that trip. Coincidence? Maybe, but I am not willing to gamble and skip it again – that’s for sure! I saved a ton in medical bills and medicines, so the oils paid for themselves, which is nice.

After hearing about an allergy blend I could try on my little guy (whose seasonal allergies were terrible last spring and fall) I decided to fully take the plunge. My friend referred me to her neighbor who is a doTERRA wellness advocate. She is so knowledgable and helpful and she made it easy for me to get into using more oils and even diffusing them. She walked me through each “protocol” (recipe) and told me what to do for kids vs adults, which made me feel comfortable. I already believe the allergy blend is working because haven’t had to administer any antihistamines yet.

Next I’m trying slim and sassy to help me shed some pounds and increase my water intake. My mother, a terrible sleeper, will be trying out the sleep blends too. I’ll report back!

If anyone is interested in learning more my wellness advocate and new friend, Anna, would be happy to do for you what she did for me. Here is her website

Is anyone else using oils? What is your favorite single oil or blend?

Essential oil guide

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