Spring is coming! Ever consider organic gardening?

My mom once told me the way she knows winter is ending is when they receive a flyer from their local nursery announcing the first big sale of the season. Well, that time has arrived and despite the weather forecast calling for snow on Friday spring is only 19 days away. I figured now is a better time than any to post some information about organic gardening so you can do your due diligence before you shop.

Before I redirect you to a fantastic article with a step-by-step guide to organic gardening, here is a great safer alternative to killing weeds:

*Dawn dish soap unfortunately scores a lowly ‘D’ on EWG.org, so I suggest substituting a higher scoring dish soap like Ecover or Eco Me.

As promised, I have included a link below to the article I recommend reading before you shop.

In addition to your organic garden I highly recommend contacting your gardener/landscaper to discuss safer alternatives to lawn cutting, weed control, tree spraying, and any other service they provide. If you are concerned with preserving the environment and providing your family with a chemical-free and healthy yard and learn that your current company does not offer an organic treatment you may want to shop around. 

Organic Gardening 101 | How to Start an Organic Garden

I can’t wait for spring! Happy planting 🙂


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