Safer nail polish

While on a mission to detoxify my life I am making changes in every category and I am trying to switch to safer versions of everything. I’m even willing to eliminate products entirely. That being said, there are still some things I simply cannot live without. Manicures and pedicures rate pretty high on that list.

I knew nail polish couldn’t be healthy just by the smell alone. I was reluctant to learn more, but I had to find out just how bad it is. Well, it’s definitely not good! Take a look at this article about the dangers:

While there is still no truly safe version of nail polish available, there are still ways to mitigate your risk by choosing polishes called “five free” that lack known toxins such as formaldehyde, dibuyl pthalate (DBP) and toulene as well as potential allergens and hormone disruptors camphor and formaldehyde resin.

This article lists 25 five-free polishes to try. I had my first five-free manicure yesterday using Zoya in the color Bela. So far so good.

nail polish

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