Safer deodorant

Yesterday I posted about switching my tampon brand to one that is organic. Today I am posting about another product that I have recently swapped for a safer version — deodorant.

I found a couple articles about the possible dangers associated with traditional deodorant that I thought were worth reading, so I thought I’d share. The first lists the 7 toxins found in your deodorant and the second explains how to do an armpit detox to purge the toxins from your body.

I recently tried a few brands that came highly recommended to me. A runner up was primal pit paste, but it didn’t quite compare to my new favorite, which is Piper Wai. My friend, Caroline, turned me on to it. She found out about it when it was featured on Shark Tank. I don’t love that I have to apply it with my hand, but it’s a small price to pay for a safe deodorant that actually works!

Does anyone else have a brand they love?

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