Reusable Snack Bag Love

With two young kids you could sometimes mistake me for a walking vending machine. I have food in my car and bag at all times to stave off meltdowns. Between meals I give them as many organic, healthy snacks as possible. It’s important for me to be stocked up otherwise we end up grabbing food wherever we are and it’s not always healthy and certainly not organic. Apples are the single most important item for us to never forget when we are on an outing. I have been carrying my cut apples in my Itsy Ritzy Snack Happens bags for 4.5 years instead of using plastic and I used to love them until I tried the Bumpkins brand, which I love even more! They are both waste reducing, reusable, eco friendly alternatives to plastic baggies and are machine washable. I like Bumpkin better because they clean and dry way easier and faster due to the fact that they are single ply rather than layered. It also looks like they will hold up better in the long run with less staining. They are made from BPA, PVC, vinyl, phthalate and lead free fabric.

Side note – I don’t keep dry snacks in these bags like cereal, chips, crackers, or pretzels because it’s not airtight, so they do go stale rather quickly, but for food like carrots, string beans, cucumbers, apples, sandwiches, etc. – it’s perfect. While not airtight they still do not leak or spill, which is nice! I also use them as pouches in my bag for non-food items to help with organization – they are very multipurpose! They are great for adults who bring food to work too!

There are so many different versions of these bags popping up in stores and online. I am excited to try the Lunchskins version I included in my first Might Nest order. Does anyone have any other brands you can recommend?


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