Product Shout Out – Trader Joes Hot Dogs

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend! Anyone grilling? What hot dog are you grilling up? ?

My kids love hotdogs, but I try to only have them eat them at home or at an establishment that serves food made with “better-for-you” ingredients. In this case our go-to is Burgerfi, which boasts hormone-free and antibiotic-free meats (and my favorite veggie burger ever), or Bareburger, which serves certified organic fare. Of course if they are at a ballgame or a friends house I wouldn’t deprive them of joining in, but those are rare exceptions since most of our friends serve the good stuff. ??

I was buying Applegate dogs for the last many years and my kids seem happy with it, but my Sabrett’s loving husband was not pleased with this selection. Since I do the shopping I told him he was out of luck, but then I felt bad lol. I began trying different brands and now I finally found one he likes! My very dear friend recommended the Trader Joes dogs and he actually gave it two thumbs up ???? phew!

No, they’re not organic, but they are made with 100% beef with no casing, no fillers, no preservatives, no MSG and no added nitrates or nitrites (except for the naturally occurring nitrates in celery juice and sea salt). Even better, the beef used to make these franks is from cattle raised on a vegetarian diet, without any added hormones or antibiotics. They are allegedly GMO free, although there is some debate as to the authenticity of this claim due to the lack of transparency on Trader Joes part, but that’s a whole different post and for now I’m just doing the best I can with the information available today while still appeasing the picky eaters I have here.

Truth be told I may get TJ’s for my husband and stick with Applegate for the kids since its certified organic ?

Anyone find a good organic dog the whole family loves? Please share!

Happy Saturday & happy grilling

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