Product Shout Out: Kim’s Magic Pop

Product shout out: Kim’s Magic Pop

These all natural multi-grain rice cake type snacks contain only 15 calories each and are zero Weight Watcher points. The main ingredients are brown rice, unbleached wheat and non-GMO corn. They are sugar free, fat free, cholesterol free, non-dairy, all began, “all natural” and low in sodium. They are a great snack for those watching their weight! It’s not a true health food because of the unbleached wheat flower and soy lecithin and because some of the flavors contain sucralose, a chemical sweetener. Despite this, I would say it’s healthier and less fattening than most snacks and I’m a big fan!

I have tried the “Magic Pop” line, which is airy great when you want to snack and need crunch but don’t have calories to spare. You can have a lot for not a lot of calories, which is always appreciated. I also regularly buy the “Deli Pop” and put either apple butter, apple sauce, or even peanut butter on it. I bet it would be good with hazelnut spread and maybe even cream cheese and jelly too! I also buy the “Choco Drizzled” and “Choco Dipped” versions and find them to be a great way to satisfy a sweet craving.

I get mine locally at Iavarone or Fairway, but next I’m considering ordering the combo pack from their website, which also features a store locator.

Have you tried them yet? Which is your favorite line and flavor?



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