Product Shout Out: Earthbath

Product Shout Out: Earthbath Dog Shampoo

This ones for the pet lovers ? ?

We have two 11 year old bichon havanese mixes named Cotton and Gizmo. Over the years I have tried many shampoos for them and honestly never found one worth recommending. They either had bad ingredients, smelled terrible, didn’t lather enough, or just simply felt disgusting. Finally, I found a shampoo that is so good I can end my search!

Earthbath products are totally natural, non toxic, paraben and sulfate free, phthalate free, and phosphate free. Their products are made in the USA with human-grade ingredients and pure essential oils, with no artificial colors or fragrances. And, they never use soap in their shampoos, which can dry skin and remove necessary skin oils. The lather is so good that my dogs baths take half the time and I use a third of the shampoo I normally would. This is a good find for me since Cotton likes to roll in poop multiple times a week ????

Anyone have any other better-for-you animal products you can recommend?


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