Product Shout Out: Chewie Fruities, Forest Gummies, Yummy Earth Worms & Lollipops

Another Product Shout Out: Chewie Fruities by Torie & Howard, Black Forest Gummy Bears and Yummy Earth Worms and Lilollipops

My kids love gummy and chewy candy, which obviously doesn’t thrill me. I hate the idea of them eating this candy because it’s definitely the least healthy option candy-wise. Not only is it bad for your teeth and high in refined sugar, which has no nutritional value and is extremely processed, but these sticky candies are also loaded with artificial dyes (such as yellow #5 and red #40, which have been linked to hyperactivity in children and contain carcinogenic compounds), preservatives, corn syrup, additives and more. That said I do give it to my kids on occasion because I don’t want to completely deprive them in fear that they could become closet gummy worm fiends. In order to do this in the healthiest way possible (for an admittedly unhealthy snack) I choose to purchase organic gummy and chewy candy instead of the big name brands that are loaded with junk. I figure while their teeth may still suffer at least they won’t be ingesting harmful chemicals in the process. We tried a bunch of gummy bears, but our favorite brand is Black Forest Gummy Bears. For a starburst swap and they absolutely love Torie & Howard’s Chewie Fruities, which I must say are seriously yummy. For worms we go for the Yummy Earth brand, which is the same brand we use for lollipops. I get the bears at BJ’s and the chewies, worms and lollipops at Whole Foods. ??

Any other candy swaps you can share with me? We haven’t found a good M&M substitute yet, but it might be because we were busy ruining our teeth trying out all these chewy candies ?

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