NY Times article – A Call for Action on Toxic Chemicals is a MUST READ

If you’re looking for something to read at the pool or beach on this gorgeous day – this article is a must read! It is so wonderful to see change happening on a grand scale. I for one am so proud to be part of it by representing Beautycounter and their mission and through my FB group by helping to spread the word and educate on safer solutions to every day needs.

I love this statement from the article: “We as a society should be able to take protective action when scientific evidence indicates a chemical is of concern, and not wait for unequivocal proof that a chemical is causing harm to our children,”

Amen!!!!! ????

Cosmetic and lotion bottles contain phthalates, a chemical that allows the plastic to be flexible. Absorption of phthalates is linked to preterm births and impaired neurodevelopment in girls.

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