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Of all the research and information gathering I have been doing for the last few years there is one topic that I find to be the most frustrating, convoluted and disheartening and it is the fight to label GMOs and the DARK ACT (deny Americans the right to know). A fellow like-minded mommy and Beautycounter consultant of mine named Eileen Teresa posted a fantastic overview of the topic on her group page titled ‘The Good Life’. She is extremely well read and informed and is passionate about clean living and I find her posts to be educational, heartfelt and well written. I can’t share the post because her page is private, but she was gracious enough to let me paste it below to share with you guys. It is a real cliffs-notes type post that will inform those who are rightfully confused on the topic and I highly recommend a read through. It’s important for us all to be aware and knowledgable because it truly should be our right to know. Thank you, Eileen!

Eileen’s post:

I would argue that these days the vast majority of us have WAY too much on our plates. For many of us, showering every day is a victory! ?? I started this group because I wanted to share all of my findings and research – and I hope each of you has been able to find something beneficial and helpful while here! Amidst everything I’ve studied and educated myself about over the last few years, GMOs are by far the most terrifying. I know many of us “don’t have time/energy” to devote to this topic. I’ve been there and I’ve said it! But I urge everyone to take note of what’s going on in our very own Senate.

It’s no secret that money drives politics. It’s the cold, hard truth. And we all have our specific niches – things and topics that are important and personal to us. If you haven’t thought about GMOs or concerned yourself with food labeling (or lack thereof!), there’s no better time than now. We are what we eat. And what most of us are eating is tainted; often unknowingly we are eating genetically engineered “food”/ingredients that our country’s leaders full well know is dangerous! How many of us oppose animal testing? (I will go out on a limb and say it is the resounding majority). Well then, why would we allow ourselves to be the lab rats? That is essentially what has been happening since the introduction of genetically modified foods!

Why are cancer rates so high? Why are the four A’s (asthma, autism, allergies, ADHD) on a steady and terrifying incline? (An MIT professor predicts if we don’t drastically change our agricultural habits by the year 2025, 1 in 2 children will be on the spectrum! Drastic? Maybe. Possible? Maybe!). Either which way, the numbers are scary and they’re climbing quickly. Too quickly.

So what has inspired my rant tonight? Another bitterly disappointing – yet totally predictable – victory for corrupt big business giant Monsanto and its sell out “organic” counterparts Whole Foods, Stonyfield, Organic Valley, etc. Haven’t been up on this issue? Here are some facts:

– in 2014 Vermont became the first state victorious in passing legislation that would allow food suppliers TWO YEARS to plan and execute the mandatory GMO labeling that was supposed to be required BY LAW. The label would simply state “produced with genetic engineering.”

– Monsanto (I previously ranted…err, posted…about them – the glyphosate monsters) worked tirelessly among other companies – a handful of which produce baby food and organic options! ? – to crush this legislation.

– Senators Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) and Debbie Stabinow (D-Michigan) have orchestrated a hell of a deal that they actually have been quoted as defending as a victory for the American people! ‪#‎iminsulted‬

– This bill, voted on yesterday by our country’s senators – the people WE VOTED for to place in office – needed 60 “Yay” votes in order to pass a new federal standard that would not only squash the previously passed legislation in Vermont state, but also remove the power of any state in the nation to create its own, more rigorous GMO labeling laws.

– The bill passed by a vote of 65-32. ‪#‎corruptionrunsdeep‬

– Under the legislation, most food companies would have the OPTION of disclosing GMO ingredients through either a digital, smartphone code, the industry’s preference, or through an on-package symbol or language that the Agriculture Department would approve. The code would be accompanied by: “Scan here for more food information.”

Seriously? Seriously. By far – in my opinion – the worst, most insulting part of this bill is the evasive definition of GMOs. In fact, the definition as written will protect – you guessed it – bioengineering companies and companies like Monsanto. They will continue to spray our produce with roundup. Awesome. They will continue to genetically modify apples, potatoes, salmon, etc. And we do not have the right to know? It seems now that’s not a question.

We do not have the right to know.

I’m taking a stand against this and calling and writing to every senator who voted for this bill. I’ll post my letter here so that some of you can hopefully take it, personalize it, and send it.

It’s so defeating to think about what goes on behind closed doors in politics…but that won’t prevent me from exercising my voice and fighting for a simple, decent, human right. all of this business has been ugly, it has been dishonest, and it has been beyond unethical. Enough is enough…and nothing with affect our senators more than knowing their constituents are angry and will NOT vote them in again. The corruption in government needs to end. Lining pockets has superseded humanity. We are not animals to be tested on. Mandatory labeling of GMOs is not only a privilege of the wealthy or those who have the means to scan products in the grocery store on a smart phone. This is a human right. And we are being denied it.

Please check back in to see my letter and use it! ‪#‎endrant‬

Eileen ❤️

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