Local shout out – Iavarone Bros chicken nuggets (hormone & antibiotic free)

Product shout out: Iavarone Bros hormone and antibiotic free chicken nuggets!!! (Sorry to my out-of-town friends – this store is a local gem)

Big news – I just saw a pig fly! Ok, not quite, but something just as unbelievable happened – my kids both requested more chicken nuggets last night! My kids are super picky – for example, they will only eat Annie’s organic’s version of mac and cheese, no other brands will suffice – and homemade is not acceptable to them either. Meat is an even tougher sell for them. They are fruit and veggie addicts, but unfortunately protein is a challenge. Chicken nuggets, aka the all-time most popular kid food next to pizza, was shockingly a rough one for us. Until now, I literally had to stand over them and bribe or threaten them with dessert to get them to eat Earth’s Best nuggets, which was the only brand they would allow. Then I decided to try the Iavarone nuggets since I totally love the store and it was a giant success ??

I will be buying a ton today and freezing a bunch so I always have them on hand. I try to limit meat eating outside the house since I can’t be sure what quality meat they are being served, so I need reserves at home to get the good stuff in when I can lol

For those who are unaware – Iavarone is a local gourmet specialty food company in New York with four european style marketplaces and one restaurant that specialize in offering a variety of international and gourmet foods. The best part is that aside from the fact that the prepared foods are unbelievably tasty they are all also hormone and antibiotic free from humanely raised animals. Whoohoo!

I know my local peeps are just as in love with Iavarone as I am. What dishes or products are a must get when I go to stock up later today?

iavarone nuggets

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