Is tofu bad for you? maybe not?

I had been hearing how bad tofu is for you for some time now and I have eliminated it from my kids repertoire and reduced my intake as well. This is so sad to me because I’m a vegetarian and I seriously love tofu. Even worse – it’s the only protein my kids will eat without me forcing them. ?

This article makes me feel a little better about tofu and I will now begin to reintroduce it into our diets, but in moderation. That said, I’m still a little skeptical and will probably only make it a special treat type meal and I also will only serve it to my boys when I’ve cooked it so I’m sure they get organic tofu. ?

What’s your favorite tofu recipe or favorite dish? I’m completely obsessed with Vietnamese summer rolls (tofu wrapped in rice paper with rice noodles with some greens served with peanut sauce). Locally a new place opened called Rolling Spring Roll on Jericho turnpike in Syosset and it’s pretty freaking delicious.


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