Gorgeous, safe lip sheers and glosses

Happy Saturday! Anyone going anywhere special? Need a new lip color to complete your look? I’ve got you covered!
I highly recommend Beautycounter’s LIP SHEERS!! They are super moisturizing and taste and smell like vanilla cupcake and our LIP GLOSSES are smooth and light and give that perfect finishing shine. Both add moisture using plant-based ingredients such as jojoba oil and their light scent is from real vanilla – rather than the typical synthetic flavors and fragrances that are linked to negative impact on health. We also obviously never use lead or BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene). Our lip products also NEVER contain lead, which is a neurotoxin or BHT, which is a toluene based preservative and fragrance ingredient that is linked to cancer and organ toxicity. Both are unfortunately common ingredients in other lipsticks and glosses on the market today, which is quite scary.
These lip sheers have a somewhat sheer look to them and do not go on heavy. They leave lips feeling supple and come in a variety of colors (see photo). I use ‘nude’ and top it with the ‘buff’ lip gloss to add some extra shine for a night out. The gloss is super smooth and never sticky or gooey like others I’ve used.
Take a look at these third-party articles gushing about our lip sheers and glosses:
Goop                      Examiner                     Good Being
I have all the colors, so me know if you want to take a look. Enjoy your weekend
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