Good cooking oils vs bad oils

I have been reading a lot lately about how bad vegetable and canola oils are for your health as are cooking sprays. I found some really great articles that I want to share to shed some light on the subject.

This article explains the benefits of the healthier oils and lists those that are not good for you: I was surprised to see sunflower oil on the list of those to avoid.

This article lists the reasons you should avoid cooking sprays:…/5-reasons-not-to-use-commercial-c…. I plan to order this oil spritzer from my friend Lindsay’s website:…/Cookwa…/Kitchen+Spritzer/2733

You may also have heard of the big olive oil scandal. If not, take a look at this article:…/whats-in-your-olive-oil.h…, This article has good tips about how to avoid the fake stuff:…/5-tips-to-avoid-buying-fake-olive-oi…

Which oils or sprays do you use?

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