Eczema care

I have been working with my doctors to try to figure out what triggers my son’s eczema flare ups. We are now fairly certain that he is very sensitive to harsh chemicals. Last month while in Florida he was the worst ever — maybe from chlorine, chemicals the hotel used to clean, or harsher laundry detergent than he is used to — either way, it was bad.

When we came home I began using the Beautycounter baby balm rather than hydrocortisone. I figured it was better to try to resolve it without using unsafe creams since he was not itchy or in pain. I saw results within days. After about a week I began mixing the balm with the baby oil and then after three weeks I began to use the oil by itself. The results speak for themselves. I am so in love with the baby line! ?

Do you or your children have eczema issues? The baby line can be used on anyone of any age and truly works miracles. Message me for more information, samples, or to place an order.


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