Ditching the microwave is easier with ceramic pans!

I posted before about my move from non-stick pots and pan to stainless steel. I felt great about ditching the Teflon, but as a not so awesome cook I was having a hard time with the stainless – everything sticks to it! I wanted to try to reduce my microwave usage, but I couldn’t cook effectively on the stainless, which made this difficult, so I finally decided to try something different. I bought a couple ceramic pans based on some of your recommendations and I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that I did! Thank you!!
It’s Teflon minus the increased risk of cancer! I now find it so easy to cook or reheat in them that I am finding it so much more plausible to say ‘no’ to the microwave most of the time. It’s very exciting! I highly recommend you try ceramic if you haven’t already.

Take a look at this article to find out the best way to care for ceramic pots and pans. Learn from my rookie mistakes and use silicon or wood utensils instead of stainless steel (which scratches ceramic) like I did?

Click here to learn how to care for ceramic pans.

And this article to find out why I’m trying to use the microwave less. I think everyone knows deep down that microwaves are awful and while I for one can’t stop using it completely, I am making a concerted effort to use it WAY less.

microwave hell

Did anyone give up the microwave all together?

Is anyone using ceramic pans they love? I think I want a wok next ?

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