Ditch the dryer sheets!

Dryer sheets are one of the most toxic items in your home. Read this article and you’ll see why. I recommend you put them at the top of your list to swap for safer.

I thought I was okay buying from the green cleaning section of Fairway, but as it turns out the Sun and Earth dryer sheets I purchased still got a big fat ‘F’ on ewg! ?

I switched to wool dryer balls and unfortunately made a bad purchase by not getting 100% wool and then they started shedding on my towels and getting in my eyes ?

I also realized my sons eczema flares up when I use dryer sheets, so I stopped using anything in the dryer and then my husband complained of static cling. So now I purchased Woolzies from Amazon on a fellow BC consultants recommendation. I’m going to use them with a couple drops of essential oil to add a fresh, safe scent.

Does anyone have a good solution I haven’t considered yet?

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