Current Obsession: Acai Bowls – YUM!

Current obsession: Acai Bowls!!!!

Ok .. I’m hooked!! I have been seeing these bowls for a while at local heathy food establishments, but didn’t try it until recently and now I have had three in a week! It’s SO healthy and SOOOO good!!

Dr. Axe said: “Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee), a superfood native to Brazil, is absolutely loaded with antioxidants, which provide many of its health benefits. Acai also acts as a natural digestive purifier, cleansing the liver and kidneys by processing and eliminating toxins from the body. It also keeps your skin baby smooth.” Check out the image below for more of this fruits benefits and click this link to learn more from wellnessbin.

I had mine yesterday with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, granola toasted coconut and frozen yogurt yesterday .. It was divine!

Local establishment shout out:

I have gotten the Acai Bowl at two of my favorite local shops that I highly recommend for these bowls and for everything else they sell. ?????

Organic Krush in Woodbury, NY. I LOVE Organic Krush! They serve everything from eggs, wraps and salad to pressed juices and Thai tofu and it’s all 100% organic ❤️
You can “make your own” bowl from tons of organic choices and it’s all topped with their house made granola that’s beyond delicious.

The Lite Choice in Woodbury, NY. This place is a frequent stop of ours. They have 80+ flavors of organic frozen yogurt made with farm fresh dairy with no rBST hormones, artificial additives, preservatives, or corn syrup. My kids LOVE the yogurt and I feel good about it being healthier than other places. While the Acai and fruits are not organic they do make house made peanut and almond butter that’s unbelievably good (a must add) and the best part is that you can add organic vanilla frozen yogurt to the bowl to take it to the next level … amazingly good.

Have you been loving Acai Bowls? What is your favorite concoction?

How about Organic Krush or The Lite Choice? What is your favorite thing to order?




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