Clean up your laundry routine

Clean up your laundry routine ???

Laundry detergents, softeners and dryer sheets are some of the most toxic items in your home. I have posted about this before, but wanted to do a full recap of the items I ended up using when switching to safer after much trial-and-error.

For stains:
Biokleen Bac-Out (Amazon and Fairway)
Aside from Beautycounter this may be my favorite find since going “clean”. It removes stains on clothing and carpet better than the bad-for-you stuff and I am completely and totally obsessed with it. Did anyone try this after I recommended it months ago? Thoughts?

Ecover Zero (most stores)
Ecover is my favorite. It has no scent, so if you’re tied to having scented laundry you can add any essential oil to the liquid for the same effect. I use dpTERRA lemon oil because it’s the least expensive and smells amazing.
*note – for the mommies of young ones – Dreft rates as badly as Tide (a big fat F) on – don’t buy it!

Fabric softener:
Ecover in Morning Fresh scent
Many people have chosen to forgo softeners because of how dangerous they can be. I love it and didn’t want to live without it, so I found one that rates well on ewg and I love it. I probably should just skip it, but it rates a B and I’m sticking with it for now.
*note: get the morning fresh scent (pink) not sunny day (yellow) because sunny day has a higher rating on ewg, which is bad.
PS- I also like Biokleen laundry detergent ?

Woolzies wool dryer balls (Amazon)
DO NOT BUY DRYER SHEETS – even the food brands are BAD! Instead get these awesome balls and never think of it again. I add doTERRA lemon or purify oils to them to really freshen the smell and help to purify with their antimicrobial properties.
*note: I bought inexpensive wool balls first and they shed all over my fabrics and ended up in my eye – not pleasant. Go with Woolzies – they are cheap and you reuse them a million times.


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