Catching Up After Vacation – Multiple posts (including: Stand Up To Cancer, Fever Cure, Clean Beauty Revolution, Dangerous Garden Hose, Importance of Probiotics, How to Choose a Watermelon, When to Drink Water and Fragrance Stinks)

Hello everyone. I was just on vacation for a while and didn’t have access to this blog. I did post each day on Facebook and I wanted to share those posts with you. I chose to add them all to this one post so that I don’t clog your inboxes with notifications by posting multiple times. I hope you enjoy it – thanks for reading!


August 8th: Thank you for your support! The Beautycounter community has donated $190,000 to cancer research and prevention! Amazing!

stand up to cancer


August 10th: Fever cure and cold management with essential oils!

Fever Cure!

Quick summary:
Apply doTERRA peppermint essential oil (diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)) along the spine to bring down fever within seconds! AMAZING!

Full story:
So, we came to Florida to visit my best friend before meeting up with my husbands family to go to Disney. Unfortunately, her baby was brewing something and before we realized he was sick he was giving baby open mouth kisses to my 4 year old son ?

Yup, you guessed it – my son got sick 2 days later. It’s been many, many months since he was sick – due in large part to the preventative measures I take by administering immunity boosting oils daily. Thankfully I packed for the ‘what if’s’ and brought my oils and a travel diffuser just in case. I should have been more diligent with my immunity boosting oils after finding out the baby was sick, but what’s done is done and yesterday was all about trying to minimize the symptoms and help him kick it fast.

Here is the crazy part: He had a low grade fever yesterday, so I applied some doTERRA peppermint oil (diluted with fractionated coconut oil, aka FCO) down his spine. It was honestly miraculous the way it worked. I literally felt his fever dissipate within seconds! ??

I also diffused lemon, peppermint and lavender oil to help with his congestion overnight and since I didn’t bring my OnGuard or frankincense (mommy packing fail) I popped open an OnGuard beadlet, which I aways have in my bag, and diluted it with FCO and then applied it to the bottom of his feet combined with melaleuca to help his system beat the bug fast. Thanks to the advice of my wellness advocate, Vanessa Granata, I’m like an oil loving mommy Macgyver lol

Today, he woke up totally fine! Not only was the fever gone, but the green mucus was seriously reduced! It was honestly a miracle and is saving our trip.

While searching natural remedies I came across this blog post by a fellow doTERRA lover who also has two little boys. It’s so informative and clearly outlines how to use an arsenal of doTERRA oils to help treat a cold and I thought it would be great to share. The peppermint oil may only work this well on low grade fevers, so it’s good to know how to kick it up a notch for the heavy hitting viruses.

Needless to say, I am full on obsessed with my doTERRA oils and I whole heartedly believe in their healing powers. I’m learning so much with the help of Vanessa and my new book: The Essential Life. I am in awe of how each oil can positively impact mine and my families lives in so many different ways. If
You’re interested in starting with oils it is of vital importance that you do not buy them over the counter. The oils industry is frighteningly unregulated, much like the beauty care industry, and most oils on the market are not pure (even if they say they are). They can be ineffective or even dangerous, especially peppermint, which is not harvested the same way by other companies and can be unsafe especially for children. It’s essential to use a reputable brand that you trust and even then to always dilute. doTERRA is like Beautycounter in that they are good to the core and trustworthy, which is a rarity today. Let me know if you want me to send Vanessa’s contact info to you. I cannot stress enough how this has changed our lives. I have an array of remedies at my fingertips to safely heal and enrich my families lives and I couldn’t be happier ?

I’m beyond happy every time I find a new, tried-and-true way to use oils. What’s your best tip for using oils? Thanks in advance for sharing!

cold and flu bomb doterradoterra vs over counter











——————————————————————————————August 11th: Predicting A Clean Beauty Revolution

This article is so informative and important and I of course love the Beautycounter shout out. The stats are shocking no matter how many times I hear them. I’m happy to be part of this much needed clean beauty revolution by working for a company so dedicated to this plight.

Excerpt from the article: “Everybody is moving towards this idea of ‘How can I feel good and be healthy and live a good life,’” Paltrow tells us. “It doesn’t seem ethical to me that there’s no regulation and that [the industry] can put something that’s a known carcinogen in women’s personal care products. The best way to change the market is as a consumer. People want non-toxic products and are starting to understand what’s in so much of the things we use and how detrimental they can be to our health and reproductive system.”

beauty revolution


August 12th: PSA Time – Be careful with your garden hose!

PSA time: I read an article back in June about a mom who sprayed a garden hose at her baby on a super hot day not realizing that the water sitting in the hose had heated up to scorching temperatures (estimated as high as 150 degrees). The baby received second degree burns all over his body and face. After reading this I couldn’t stop thinking about it. During our last heat wave I tested it out and couldn’t believe how hot the water got. Even though it’s somewhat obvious it is easy to forget and just start spraying, which is why this picture should serve as a reminder and hopefully give you pause so that this doesn’t happen to you. It’s vitally important that you let the water run for a while until the hot water is completely let out and replaced by new, cold water.

Stay cool in this heat ??

hose burn


August 13th: The Importance of a Daily Probiotic

I am a huge believer in the importance of taking a daily probiotic supplement. My kids have been taking them for over eight months and I believe they play a big role (along with the immune boosting essential oils I put on their feet nightly) in their strong immune systems and overall health. I think probiotics are paramount and should be taken daily by everyone from infants and toddlers to adults and mature adults because your gut controls your overall health including your physical and even mental wellness. I have been taking them daily for a few months now and I am a big fan. Take a look at this short video that explains how it works better than I can.

Not sure which to buy? I wasn’t either. I researched which to get for my kids and ended up choosing the Garden of Life chewables (found in the vitamin section at whole foods in the cold case). This brand is fantastic, but pricey. For babies there is a powder you can add to their food. For my husband and I though I just bought one at random on Amazon and later found out that not all probiotics are created equally. Next I’ll purchase MegaFlora for us because it’s highly rated and at a better price point. Check out the following links for more information on the different types of probiotics and to see which are rated the highest and why.

In depth review of probiotics

Probiotics reviews and recommendations


August 14th: How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon:

I am the worst at picking fruit. Excited to try this. Anyone have any tricks for cantaloupe and honey dew?


August 15th: Cold Water or Warm Water? Before a Meal or After?

I have always heard conflicting information about whether it’s best to drink water before or after a meal, as well as whether it should be cold or hot. This article clears it all up and the good news is – any time you drink water it’s beneficial, so drink up ?



August 17th: Fragrance Stinks!

This article is right! Fragrance does stink! When I shop for personal care items I look for a handful of ingredients I know to be bad, especially those I recognize from Beautycounter’s Never List. Sometimes though, if I’m unsure, I look for the word “fragrance” and if it’s in there I put that item right back on the shelf. This word is a giant red flag because it’s a catch all — a loophole. “Fragrance” is considered a trade secret due to a poorly contrived law that dates back to 1966. Since these companies do not have to disclose what falls under their definition of “fragrance” they can lawfully hide thousands of chemicals in this one word. Many of these chemicals are known to cause allergies, irritations, reproductive issues, and are even known or probable carcinogens. These companies aren’t purposely trying to poison us, but because of the way the system works it is much cheaper and easier to keep these chemicals in their products, which makes it our responsibility to decode ingredient lists and protect our own health. It’s also why I am proud to be part of Beautycounter – a company that believes in full transparency and lobbies for more stringent health protective laws to be passed in hopes to change the marketplace.

I do not wear anything with fragrance. Truth be told – I’m not a perfume girl, so it wasn’t hard to give up. If I ever want to wear a scent though I use essential oils. My Beautycounter products smell absolutely amazing and are made using essential oils as well. My husband has been a real trooper during my long journey to detoxifying our home and learning to live a cleaner lifestyle, but fragrance is where I lose the battle. He wears cologne every day of his life. I like what the article suggests for those diehards like my husband – use less and water it down.


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