Catching up after my vacation – multiple posts (Bees die due to Zika spraying, Never Use Heinz Ketchup!, 7 Reasons to Use Face Oils, 7 Healthier Versions of Junk Food)

September 7th: article: 7 Healthy Versions of Your Junk Food Faves

This is a great post. It provides a quick explanation of why each item is bad for you and why the recommended swaps are better. I will be thinking of this today when I go food shopping.

Anyone else have any better-for-you swaps I can add to my list?


September 6th: article: 7 Reasons You Should Really Start Using Face Oils

Is anyone using face oils in their daily routine? I had never tried it before I began my Beautycounter business and I can definitely agree with this article that it’s a total game changer. Our lustro face oils come in three different formulas to help with the various skin types and are formulated with pure plant oils to help balance skin. Take a look at this article to see the many reasons face oils are so beneficial. Contact me to learn more about the the lustro line and to have me help you choose the right one for you.


September 5th: article: 3 Scientific Reasons You Should Never Put Heinz Ketchup on Your Food Again



September 4th: article: Millions of Bees Die Because of ZIKA Spraying. And Why You’re Next

This makes my stomach churn. This article is a great read and an eye opener I think most people need. I have been reading about Zika and Naled for a while and wholeheartedly believe the CDC does not have our health and best interest in mind and that we are literally being poisoned. Very sad times.

Dead honey bee isolated on white background.

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