Breakup with your makeup

I have to admit that until recently I was a makeup and skincare hoarder. I bought in bulk and let products sit for months (even years, GASP!) and then when I did open them I switched between so many products that they got old fast. I never respected the expiration dates because I didn’t even realize there were any! I found out that fungi, bacteria and viruses can end up in your makeup and that contamination is common. This is due to makeup being stored for too long and because brushes, sponges and other tools generally do not get cleaned often enough. After I started with Beautycounter I decided to breakup with my makeup and throw it all away. It was not only the healthy thing to do, but it was liberating and as a bonus I now have way more room in my linen closet and medicine cabinet 🙂

Have you ever seen this on your products?


That symbol shows you how long the product is good after opening. I am embarrassed to say how long overdue I was EEEK

Check out Beautycounter’s article entitled “When it’s time to replace your beauty products”. It details the shelf life of the most common makeup products to help you ensure the products effectiveness and safety.

I would be happy to help you breakup with your makeup and skincare products by showing you the safe and effective Beautycounter products that you can use to start over with. Feel free to contact me at and we can set up a call or meeting. Also, check out my site at

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