Better-for-You Baking

I love to surprise my boys and let them make cakes and cupcakes with me, but I hate the fact that conventional mixes and icing are loaded with synthetic dyes (linked to cancer, allergic reactions, tumor growth and hyperactivity in children) as well as various corn syrups, trans fats and hydrogenated oils. I know I can make it healthier by making it from scratch, but that’s kinda not my thing. So, I tried many better-for-you versions and finally found my favorites, which I want to share with you. ?

I use the Organics by European Gourmet Bakery brand cake mix and frosting mix, which I found at Stop and Shop, as well as natural food coloring by a company called India Tree, which I found on Amazon. I used sprinkles to decorate from the same brand as well. It is absolutely delicious!

Side note: last time I made it I ran out of milk and used organic vanilla almond milk and it’s was so amazing I’ll probably use that from now on.


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