Beautycounter for Target! This. Is. Huge!

Mark Your Calendar for September 12th when Beautycounter Partners with Target for a Limited Edition Collection!


I have received a bunch of questions about what the Beautycounter and Target collaboration means for our company, our consultants and our clients. Here is a quick summation of why this is crazy exciting:

1) It is a LIMITED time collaboration with Target, similar to the fashion collaborations they have done with Lilly Pulitzer, Marimekko, Missioni and many others. Target asked Beautycounter (blushing) to be their FIRST beauty brand collaboration. Out of all the other skincare brands in the marketplace, they chose us. It is a great honor!

2) Target will have a limited edition 22-piece capsule collection with some of our best sellers in smaller bottles much like travel sizes, along with two new items specifically for Target. This will be a LIMITED time, LIMITED product, LIMITED stock collaboration. When they sell out – and they will sell out quickly – these products will not be restocked.

3) Why is this amazing? Because 65 million people are going to be exposed to Beautycounter, most of them for the first time. This completely aligns with our mission of “getting safe products into the hands of everyone.”

4) It benefits the consultant and client too! You’ll get a code from your Target purchase that will entitle you to a free gift from Beautycounter once you make your second purchase with a consultant. New clients will have an opportunity to be matched to a local consultant and past clients will be able to redeem the code with their existing consultant.

5) When you refer a friend who places their second order with me after purchasing Beautycounter at Target I will send you a free gift as well to thank you for matching us!


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