Amazing Before & After Shots – Hand Eczema

My very good friend, Caroline, has had eczema issues her whole life. Nothing has ever truly helped her and she was very unhappy about being told to use steroid creams because of safety issues. We had always discussed ingredients on everything from our kids (and our own) personal care products to food and everything in between. When I found Beautycounter I was SO excited to have her try the Hydrate body lotion. She could not believe the results, and I think you’ll agree after seeing these pictures! The Hydrate has helped her dramatically and she now is a consultant for Beautycounter. She wants to “pay it forward” and help educate her friends and family about the success of our products and the mission of the company to get safe products in the hands of everyone.
This is a before and after shot just using Beautycounter’s nourishing Hydrate lotion combined with Lustro Body Oil at night. I had to share because I know so many people/children are dealing with the same issues! I use the same products on my son and it helps drastically. Thank you for sharing, Caroline!
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caroline hand eczema

Hydrate lustro body oil


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