Product Shout Out: Earthbath

Product Shout Out: Earthbath Dog Shampoo

This ones for the pet lovers ? ?

We have two 11 year old bichon havanese mixes named Cotton and Gizmo. Over the years I have tried many shampoos for them and honestly never found one worth recommending. They either had bad ingredients, smelled terrible, didn’t lather enough, or just simply felt disgusting. Finally, I found a shampoo that is so good I can end my search!

Earthbath products are totally natural, non toxic, paraben and sulfate free, phthalate free, and phosphate free. Their products are made in the USA with human-grade ingredients and pure essential oils, with no artificial colors or fragrances. And, they never use soap in their shampoos, which can dry skin and remove necessary skin oils. The lather is so good that my dogs baths take half the time and I use a third of the shampoo I normally would. This is a good find for me since Cotton likes to roll in poop multiple times a week ????

Anyone have any other better-for-you animal products you can recommend?


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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – my thoughts

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month – take a stand and help prevent this horrible disease.

Since starting this group I have tried to stick to posting positive, helpful information about my journey to clean living, but to be honest, in this day in age it can be hard to avoid the negative topics. No matter how scary the facts are I feel that by not sharing the truth I would be doing you a disservice. This is why while I try to keep it light and educational, there are of course times when I am the bearer or bad news. Some of the information in the images below are jarring, but they are real and it is of the utmost importance that they are shared. The more people see these truths the harder it is to ignore. The concept of “ignorance is bliss” is widely embraced these days because deep down everyone knows how corrupt our system is. When corporate greed comes before public health it can seem like it’s too big a problem for any one person to change. For that reason i understand when people shut down and say “everything will kill you, what can you do?” I felt that way too until I realized we are in fact able to make the fight a personal one and in doing so help drive change. This is exactly the reason I began my Beautycounter business. It is true that if everyone made small changes it would lead to big results and we are seeing that first hand. There has been a major shift in the market that is obvious to everyone. Think about how many more options you now have for organic foods and safer personal care and cleaning products. The more we support companies that care the easier it will be for like-minded organizations to emerge. For me, becoming a Beautycounter consultant affords me the ability to support a company whose very foundation was built around the mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. The work our CEO, Gregg Renfrew, and top executives do in Washington to try to affect change and fight for more health protective laws to be enacted to protect consumers is inspirational and monumental. Being part of that is truly amazing.

Being that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to take a stand if you haven’t already. If you take a moment to read the following images and really think about what they are saying I am certain you will be moved to action. Your health, the health of our future generations and our planet is being threatened and you have the power to help change that. When trying to help be careful of companies that “pink wash”, which is the common practice of using the pink ribbon emblem in an effort to raise money for a cure (often VERY small amounts are actually donated), but simultaneously selling products linked to causing the disease. Instead, find companies that are trying to prevent this disease before it starts by committing to not using harmful ingredients that have been linked to breast cancer and other cancers and diseases.

Beautycounter supports the Breast Cancer Fund which focuses on PREVENTION of this devastating disease. Help us educate on the importance of prevention and host a Beautycounter Social Gathering of friends and family in October. I will donate a portion of all sales to The Breast Cancer Fund.

Of course, if you want to go a step further you can talk to me about joining Beautycounter and spreading our mission, passion and knowledge.

socialmission-graphics-1 socialmission-graphics-3 socialmission-graphics-5 socialmission-graphics-7

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Multiple posts combined – How to choose chicken, Create fall smells, Pinch of turmeric a day, Avocado oil & Natural cough remedy

October 5th: Natural Cough Remedy Video

It’s that time of year.. ??

October 4th: Avocado Oil Benefits: Healthier than Coconut Oil?

I bought avocado oil months ago on a whim and have really been enjoying it. I made my kids chicken for dinner tonight, which I made with avocado oil, turmeric, Himalayan salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika and they loved it. I have been using it to roast veggies for myself as well. I love that it is healthful like coconut oil, but without the slight taste of coconut. This article goes into detail about the many benefits. One thing that I found interesting was under the “Here’s Why” section where it says “even low doses of avocado oil increased absorption of carotenoids but as much as 15x! This means that adding even a tiny amount of avocado oil to a salad improves the body’s ability to increase absorption of alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and lutein”.

Anyone currently loving avocado oil or have recommendation for any other type? I’m liking toasted sesame oil in my cauliflower fried rice too.







October 3rd: This is What Happens to Your Memory When You Eat a Pinch of Turmeric Every Day

When I learned about the vast benefits of turmeric I began taking it as a supplement daily. The problem is I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate it daily for my kids because I thought you must need to eat a lot of it in order for it to be effective. Once I put in more than a pinch it was detectable to their superhuman toddler taste buds that despise sauce let alone a strong, bitter spice. After reading this article a couple weeks ago I began adding a a small amount into their food daily and they haven’t noticed. I am thankful for having learned that all I need to add is a pinch and now I add it to things like eggs, mac & cheese and soup. This article focuses the memory boosting benefits of turmeric, but there are so many more. Check out this article by Dr. Axe too to learn more.






October 1st: How to Create Fall Smells Naturally

I love this so much! Doing it right now. I have been boiling ground cinnamon for years after seeing my best friends mom boil cinnamon sticks growing up. It’s such an intoxicating smell ?






September 30th: How to choose the healthiest chicken from the Food Babe

Some great information. Especially the part about how to decode labels.?


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