Product Shout Out: Chewie Fruities, Forest Gummies, Yummy Earth Worms & Lollipops

Another Product Shout Out: Chewie Fruities by Torie & Howard, Black Forest Gummy Bears and Yummy Earth Worms and Lilollipops

My kids love gummy and chewy candy, which obviously doesn’t thrill me. I hate the idea of them eating this candy because it’s definitely the least healthy option candy-wise. Not only is it bad for your teeth and high in refined sugar, which has no nutritional value and is extremely processed, but these sticky candies are also loaded with artificial dyes (such as yellow #5 and red #40, which have been linked to hyperactivity in children and contain carcinogenic compounds), preservatives, corn syrup, additives and more. That said I do give it to my kids on occasion because I don’t want to completely deprive them in fear that they could become closet gummy worm fiends. In order to do this in the healthiest way possible (for an admittedly unhealthy snack) I choose to purchase organic gummy and chewy candy instead of the big name brands that are loaded with junk. I figure while their teeth may still suffer at least they won’t be ingesting harmful chemicals in the process. We tried a bunch of gummy bears, but our favorite brand is Black Forest Gummy Bears. For a starburst swap and they absolutely love Torie & Howard’s Chewie Fruities, which I must say are seriously yummy. For worms we go for the Yummy Earth brand, which is the same brand we use for lollipops. I get the bears at BJ’s and the chewies, worms and lollipops at Whole Foods. ??

Any other candy swaps you can share with me? We haven’t found a good M&M substitute yet, but it might be because we were busy ruining our teeth trying out all these chewy candies ?

candy-post-2 candy-post-3   candy-post-4candy-post

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Product Shout Out: Hilary’s Veggie Burgers

Product Shout Out: Hilary’s veggie burgers

I have been a vegetarian for 25 years, but anyone who knows me well knows I’m probably the worst vegetarian ever! I despise mushrooms and peppers and only like onions when they are caramelized. I try to eat healthy and organic (obviously), but that doesn’t always equate to eating low calorie and fat. Since I’m currently trying to shed some pounds I have been focusing on keeping full by having wholesome meals and snacking much less. One meal I love to have is a veggie burger and fries. My favorite ever is BurgerFi, which is the best veggie burger in the universe! Sadly though it is most definitely not low fat, so I have been making my own at home. I absolutely love having the Hilary’s burgers with cheese on top – because I believe cheese makes everything better (a definite downfall lol). It’s super healthy, very yummy and extremely filling. It is great for people with allergies as it is certified gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, yeast-free, soy-free, corn-free, sugar-free, and nut-free. It’s also certified vegan (before I put my cheese on) kosher, non-GMO verified and made with ingredients like coconut oil and organic grains and vegetables. The company is also focused on sustainability and is a B corporation like Beautycounter. For those who are unsure of what a B Corp is – they are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. These veggie burgers taste amazing and my 2 year old even eats it with me! I buy mine at Whole Foods and cook it on a ceramic pan. Enjoy! ?


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Final vacation – multiple FB posts including: Vegetable storage tips, 10 grocery items to never buy, the Senate holds hearing on cosmetics safety reform, how to regrow lettuce, Moringa, reader question – kids cough meds & Star rewards chart obsession

Sorry for all the combined posts! I will not be traveling for a while and I will be posting daily again. Enjoy these posts from my Facebook group form while I was away:

9/20/16 – Good tips ?????

9/21/16 – Great info. Loving the food babe posts lately!

10 Grocery Store Items You Should Never Buy Again (Plus the good alternative swaps!)


Very exciting news!

In May, Beautycounter sent 100 women to Capitol Hill, where they urged Congress to hold a hearing on cosmetics safety reform and today the Senate is holding it’s first hearing on the state of the beauty industry!

Being part of Beautycounter is not just about selling high performing, safer skincare and cosmetics, it’s about making the world a better place! We all deserve better and Beautycounter is making sure of it!!! So proud to be part of such an important social mission and movement! Let me know if you’re interested in joining us.







9/23/16 – This is very cool! ?

9/24/16 – Moringa

How did we not know about this? Read this article and watch the video and you’ll see why we all need moringa in our lives! Beyond impressive ??

Breaking Study: This Green Herb Could be the Cure to 5 Different Types of Cancer Including Ovarian, Liver, Lung and Melanoma





9/25/16 – France bans plastic cups and cutlery

9/24/16 – Reader question: Hi Stacy- any recommendations on children’s cough syrup that tastes good!!!

Answer: We used to use zarbees, which I think it one of the safest options and the kids loved it. I use doterra essential oils now (cypress for coughs), but still have a stock of zarbees – wish you were closer I would share! I use the cough syrup + mucus with dark honey (so not for babies under 1) and also the nighttime cough syrup + mucus and it knocked my kids out! It has melatonin.
All zarbees products have no dyes, drugs, alcohol, artificial flavors or sweeteners and are gluten-free. They have it at CVS. I hope whoever is sick is on the mend quickly ?

If they dont like the honey taste check out Similasian (with the elephant on the box/bottle) for a more fruity taste.

9/26/16 – Parenting Obsession – Star Rewards Chart!

Parenting obsession: Star Rewards Chart! ⭐️

Today I was talking with a friend and telling her about how well the star rewards chart we use works for our boys. It’s seriously a game changer. It’s an amazing tool that gives me a way to provide frequent and meaningful positive reinforcement as well as an impactful punishment when needed.

To get started I bought a star chart with dry erase so I can easily change the behavioral goals to represent what we need to work on based on their age and developmental stages. Then I began by explaining that for every five stars earned they would receive a reward. I took them with me to the store and told them which items were under $6/ea and let them pick their own gift. I made a big deal whenever they got stars, which made them excited about the whole concept. After they understood how it works and were into it I changed it to 10 stars, then 15, then finally 20. I made it a high number because I like to be able to give lots of positive reinforcement to really drive the concepts home. After about a month of using it solely for praise I began to use it as a corrective measure as well. I threaten to take a star away if they are acting up and it works better than any punishment ever! I rarely even have to follow through and take stars away. I do reserve taking stars away for really bad behavior so that it remains primarily positive. I also made it known that they do not automatically receive a star every time they achieve one of the behavior goals. I don’t want them to start working me and cleaning just to get stars! I give it to them randomly, but frequently to keep them excited and eager to please.

To give you an example of some of our behavioral goals I have attached a picture of our board. These change often. For instance, I used to do one for going to bed on time, but that’s not an issue anymore. Additionally, I had one for potty training the little dude, but I’m happy to say we are done!??

Does anyone else use a chart? Any feedback?

PS- Thank you to my friend Melissa for urging me to do this a year ago! Life saver!

Here is a link to the chart found on Amazon


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Beautycounter Media Love

More awards and media spotlight ???

Beautycounter’s Lengthening Mascara wins the award in Allure’s Best of Beauty 2016

Beautycounter’s Peppermint Lip Balm receives Glamour’s Beauty Award for best natural product in 2016

Beautycounter’s limited time partnership with Target featured in VOGUE magazine!! Swoon! ?

I would be happy to send you samples and talk to you about which products suit your needs. Check out my site








awards-bc-3 awards-bc-vogue-1awards-bc-vogue





awards-bc-2 mascara

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Life hack: Pass on the lice!

Life hack: Pass on the lice!

Of all the notes to get from school I would say that the “there is a case of lice in the building” announcement is the most unwelcome and panic inducing. Despite being relatively harmless these these parasites will cause you to spend countless hours and dollars trying to kill them and prevent their spread while you frantically itch yourself and feel completely grossed out. I recently found out that these creepy little blood suckers hate melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil and that it can be used not only as a very successful and safe way to treat an infestation (see image below for protocol), but also as a preventative measure to ward them off. Take a look at the easy ways I have incorporated this amazing oil into our lives to help prevent lice from using my kids heads as a breeding ground.


Add it to your kids shampoo:
Add 10 drops melaleuca oil per every 8oz of shampoo.

Make a spray:
Add 15 drops melaleuca, 5 drops lavender and 5 drops rosemary to 2oz water in a small, glass spray bottle and spritz on kids before they leave for school.

Let me know if I can help you get started using doTERRA’s trusted essential oils by sending me a message.

* note: there are multiple different protocols for every ailment – the image below calls for clove oil where I was told to use rosemary and lavender. Both will work!

doterra-lice-1doterra-lice lice-doterra lice-spray

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Reusable Snack Bag Love

With two young kids you could sometimes mistake me for a walking vending machine. I have food in my car and bag at all times to stave off meltdowns. Between meals I give them as many organic, healthy snacks as possible. It’s important for me to be stocked up otherwise we end up grabbing food wherever we are and it’s not always healthy and certainly not organic. Apples are the single most important item for us to never forget when we are on an outing. I have been carrying my cut apples in my Itsy Ritzy Snack Happens bags for 4.5 years instead of using plastic and I used to love them until I tried the Bumpkins brand, which I love even more! They are both waste reducing, reusable, eco friendly alternatives to plastic baggies and are machine washable. I like Bumpkin better because they clean and dry way easier and faster due to the fact that they are single ply rather than layered. It also looks like they will hold up better in the long run with less staining. They are made from BPA, PVC, vinyl, phthalate and lead free fabric.

Side note – I don’t keep dry snacks in these bags like cereal, chips, crackers, or pretzels because it’s not airtight, so they do go stale rather quickly, but for food like carrots, string beans, cucumbers, apples, sandwiches, etc. – it’s perfect. While not airtight they still do not leak or spill, which is nice! I also use them as pouches in my bag for non-food items to help with organization – they are very multipurpose! They are great for adults who bring food to work too!

There are so many different versions of these bags popping up in stores and online. I am excited to try the Lunchskins version I included in my first Might Nest order. Does anyone have any other brands you can recommend?


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Product Shout Out: If You Care Parchment Paper

Product Shout Out: If You Care parchment paper

After reading this article regarding the dangers of aluminum I decided to change some of my current practices. First I decided to cut down my usage of aluminum foil, which I did by replacing it with parchment paper. Next, I began drinking green tea daily, which the article lists as one of the foods to eat to help remove heavy metals from your body. And, of course, I will continue to shop cosmetic brands that care, like Beautycounter, that don’t use aluminum powder in their products.

My next move will be to purchase a silicone baking sheet and make that my new go-to for non-stick liners. Silicone is safe and while more expensive than parchment it can be used up to 2000 times, which ends up saving you money in the long run. If you’re curious about silicone vs parchment check out his article.

In the meantime I am loving the If You Care brand parchment paper. It’s unbleached, which means it doesn’t contain toxic dioxin, it’s made from recycled material, uses silicone as a coating rather than quilon, which contains heavy metals, and it’s not made with chlorine. I found it at fairway and I am a huge fan of the brand after checking out their site. Next I want to try their paper snack bags and cooking cups. I’m curious about their paper towel too. Has anyone ever used any of these products? Thoughts?


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To Flu Shot or Not…


I am NOT an antivaxer by any stretch of the imagination. While I do believe that vaccines should be cleaned up and made safer, I still believe they are of the utmost importance and would never not vaccinate my kids. It’s a hot topic and I’m not looking to start trouble.. Just stating my stance. The flu shot is a different story for me though and I do not look at it the same way now. After getting the flu shot every year without investigating I decided this year to do my due diligence. After reading this article and other similar write ups I concluded that I did not want to do it this year for any of us. I am not sure if everything in this article is true and I have seen other articles stating that it’s not, but lately I’m tending to err on the side of caution. I believe that with my religious use of essential oils and probiotics I can keep myself and my family healthy without injecting foreign substances into us that may in fact cause more harm than good. My pediatricians pushes the shot and truly seems to believe in it, so I was torn, but ultimately decided I would skip it. Then I got an email from my pregnant sister-in-law insisting we get the shot before being able to spend time with the new baby. I 100% understand as I was a winter baby mommy too and I know how scary the prospect of a newborn getting sick is. So, now we will all be getting the shot for the last year and I will continue to read up on it before making my decision next winter.

What will you do? Anyone all for or against the flu shot,

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Beautycounter for Target! This. Is. Huge!

Mark Your Calendar for September 12th when Beautycounter Partners with Target for a Limited Edition Collection!


I have received a bunch of questions about what the Beautycounter and Target collaboration means for our company, our consultants and our clients. Here is a quick summation of why this is crazy exciting:

1) It is a LIMITED time collaboration with Target, similar to the fashion collaborations they have done with Lilly Pulitzer, Marimekko, Missioni and many others. Target asked Beautycounter (blushing) to be their FIRST beauty brand collaboration. Out of all the other skincare brands in the marketplace, they chose us. It is a great honor!

2) Target will have a limited edition 22-piece capsule collection with some of our best sellers in smaller bottles much like travel sizes, along with two new items specifically for Target. This will be a LIMITED time, LIMITED product, LIMITED stock collaboration. When they sell out – and they will sell out quickly – these products will not be restocked.

3) Why is this amazing? Because 65 million people are going to be exposed to Beautycounter, most of them for the first time. This completely aligns with our mission of “getting safe products into the hands of everyone.”

4) It benefits the consultant and client too! You’ll get a code from your Target purchase that will entitle you to a free gift from Beautycounter once you make your second purchase with a consultant. New clients will have an opportunity to be matched to a local consultant and past clients will be able to redeem the code with their existing consultant.

5) When you refer a friend who places their second order with me after purchasing Beautycounter at Target I will send you a free gift as well to thank you for matching us!


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