Product Obsession – Shout out – Biokleen Bac-Out

Product shout out!!

I have been using Biokleen Bac Out Stain + Odor Remover for over 6 months now and I am completely obsessed! It is a super safe, ready-to-use stain remover for everything from laundry stains and carpet spot treatment to a steam cleaner solution. It’s formulated with a blend of live enzyme cultures, citrus extracts and plant based surfactants and contains no artificial fragrance or colors, chlorine, ammonia, butyl, glycol ether, SLES, or DEA. Biokleen is a company like Beautycounter that believes in making high performing, safer products, which is fantastic!

It honestly works better than any chemical laden product on the market. It’s a game changer and my obsession is for real! It’s gotten out blood, wine, grass stains and pretty much anything else my boys find a way to get covered in.

Switch to safer and try it out — you’ll thank me! I found mine on Amazon and at Fairway.


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Be on the lookout – FDA to make decisions regarding antibacterial soap

Great article… Looking forward to seeing how this all goes down come September.

“In September, the Food and Drug Administration will announce a decision on whether companies that make and market antibacterial soaps containing certain ingredients, such as triclosan (which is on Beautycounter’s Never List!), have demonstrated they are safe and more effective than plain soap and water in preventing illness and are not dangerous to humans”

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Stacy’s Baby Registry List

Stacy’s Healthy Obsessions:

Baby Registry List

Hello moms and moms-to-be; congratulations on expecting! I have created a master list of my recommendations for my friends registries that I wanted to share with you. The list is LONG – it’s insane how much stuff you need for something so small! Of course, it is full of my favorite things and obviously I try to use the safer versions of everything. For most of you first time moms the list will most definitely be daunting, but you WILL learn it all and you WILL be awesome at it!

When I was pregnant with my first I had absolutely no idea what to do when the baby was born. I was not a baby person (wow how that changed!) and I had never even changed a diaper. I was so confused by simple things and I was the first of my friends to have a baby, so I had zero guidance. I learned through trial-and-error and when it was time for my friends to have babies they came to me for suggestions, which is when I first created this list. I even went with many of them to register because they were so overwhelmed. I promise, it all will make sense in due time. For now, don’t worry about some of the items that may seem confusing at first, just register for it all and hope you have generous friends and family :). You will learn as you go, which is the best way, and I swear you will get this all very quickly and be expert parents in the blink of an eye. I am certain you would learn it all on your own, but it’s always nice to have a cheat sheet — I wish I did! I made this list very detailed so there is no room for misinterpretation, but if you have any questions feel free to direct message me. I hope this helps. Feel good and have fun with it all!

*Please note my youngest is almost 2 and while I have updated the items I could, I have not purchased car seats, strollers, play gyms and other big-ticket items for many years and I am sure some of this if outdated. I also haven’t purchased nursing supplies in over a year, so there are likely newer products that I am unaware of and therefore cannot personally recommend. I recommend you do your due diligence and use this list as a starting point. I have listed the items you need with bullet points listing the brands I recommend. Happy shopping!

Baby Clothing/etc:
  • Swaddles
    • Aden Anais – 2 packs
    • Wombie is good and easier, but the Aden Anais can be used for longer as blankets
  • Sleep sacks — register for newborn, small, and medium in materials that match the season the baby will need those sizes (i.e. fleece newborn size for a winter baby)
    • I like Halo organic
  • Hooded towels — at least 2-3 that are 30×30 or bigger
    • I love the Yikes Twins brand you can find on diapers. com
    • Also get a couple smaller ones from BBB, BRU, or Pottery Barn for when the baby is really tiny
  • Baby Washcloths – tons — get a bunch of the thin soft ones too
    • American Baby Company’s organic washcloths
    • Lulujo face cloths
  • Burp Cloths/bibs – get a bunch of soft bibs, you can get the plastic kind with the food catcher pocket later on when he/she starts to eat.
    • Aiden Anais has nice soft, big ones
  • Footsie Pajamas (10+) — you will get a lot of NB size as gifts, so wait to buy or save receipts and don’t take tags off because baby grows fast!
    • Burts Bee’s Baby
  • Mittens & Hats — we didn’t use mittens for either baby – so don’t buy too many before you know if you will use it or not. Doctors recommend not using them at all and believe the baby should explore with their hands. Hats get to be too small very fast so don’t over buy
  • Long Sleeve Onesies — get two packs of each size to last you for a while (N, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months).
    • Burts Bees organic
    • Short Sleeve Onesies — get two packs (N, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months)
  • Bottles — Buy one of each of a few brands because everyone tries a bunch till they find what’s best for them (and baby)
    • Glass Dr. Browns (good for gassy babies), but there are a lot of parts to clean
  • Bottle and Nipple Brush
  • Bottle Dishwasher Basket
  • Bottle Drying Rack
  • Bottle Warmer
    • Dr Brown’s is the best
    • Rock N Play is great for newborn stage, especially for babies with acid reflux issues (like both of my boys)
    Personal Items
    • Diapers — don’t over buy diapers – they grow out of sizes quickly until size 4. Also, you don’t know if your baby will be big and out of the newborn size quickly. We use – free two day delivery, or Amazon subscribe and save
      • Seventh Generation or Earth’s Best NB & 1 to start is prob best. I used pampers swaddlers with an indicator strip, but it was a while ago
      • Seventh Generation overnites once the baby is at size 3 (16-28lbs) If you have a boy they will def leak. If they leak a lot go up a size so it holds more
    • Pacifier
        • Avent Soothies (0-3mo) at first then I like the MAM pacis
        • Teethers and vibrating teethers
        • I did not use these, but they may be worth a try: natursutten (for a more natural option)
        • Infant Tylenol (acetaminophen) for babies under 6 mo and infant advil or motrin (ibuprofen) for babies over 6 months.
          • Get dye free
        • Teething tablets (Hylands) and Camilia drops are homeopathic options. If it’s really bad give him/her Tylenol (if your doctor approves, of course)
        • Baby Ddrops – Vitamin D supplement (the doctor will tell you to start using Tri-vi-sol this after your first visit, but baby Ddrops is safer) until the baby is old enough to be prescribed different vitamins
        • Simethicone infant drops for gas (in regular section of drug store – not baby section). CVS brand is best because the dropper is easier to use
        • Colic Calm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a lifesaver for the first 3 months when their stomachs are not developed enough to not make them semi miserable half the time 😉
        • Wipes — Buy one pack of all the brands and see what you like. Do it slowly in case you find out you need sensitive wipes for your baby. Everyone likes something different
          • Seventh Generation
          • Naty by Nature Babycare
          • Water wipes
        • Baby bath items
        • Safety Kit (just get the ‘The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Healthcare & Grooming Kit’ – it includes all the items below)
          • Digital Baby Thermometer (one that is used for oral, under arm, and anal)
          • Nasal Aspirator – the GRACO electric and NoseFrida are good, but the best is the blue one from the hospital STEAL IT!
          • Nail Clipper and Nail Files (you may want to use a sewing scissor instead of the safety nail clippers)
          • Baby Brush & Comb
          • Temporal thermometer by Braun
        • Qtips & alcohol for belly button cleaning
        • Safety swabs (baby safe q-tips)
        • Antibiotic ointment for circumcision care
          • Neosporin
          • DoTerra CorrectX (safer version – essential oils)
        • Hand sanitizer for changing table
          • Babyganics
        • Diaper Rash Cream
          • Beautycounter baby balm <3 – This balm can help with eczema too, which is common with babies and kids
          • Triple Paste for serious rashes
        • Body lotion/oil
        • Laundry Detergent
          • Ecover Zero (Dreft got an F on
        • Stain remover!
          • Biokleen bac-out!!!!
        • Squirt Bottle (steal from hospital – really great for washing baby’s hair and taking care of your special areas for postpartum)
        • Crib — I advise not spending a ton of money on the bedding – the sets are cute, but you likely won’t use the bumpers or blankets – I recommend just getting a nice, organic sheet and a breathable bumper) Also, do not get a conversion kit for the crib if the room cannot fit a full size bed
        • Crib Mobile — One that is colorful and plays music
          • Tiny Love is great
          • If the crib has very wide rails try the Vtech Soothing Ocean mobile
        • Changing Pad for Changing Table
          • Naturepedic organic
        • Crib Mattress
          • Naturepedic organic
        • Waterproof Mattress Pad for Crib (x2)
          • Naturepedic organic
        • Pack-n-Play sheets (2)
        • Covers for Changing Pad – organic is best (at least 3 – these you go through quickly.. I recommend having 3-4)
        • Glider (big chair – rocking) – MUST!!
        • Baby safe cleaning products (surface cleaner, toy cleaner, fabric cleaner, etc. I recommend the Eco Me line (Amazon or diapers)
        • Blackout blinds!!
    Transportation/ Travel
        • Infant Car Seat. *I didn’t re-buy for my little guy, so there may be newer and better stuff now, but I liked:
          • Peg Perego
          • Britax
        • Infant Car Seat Stroller Adapter — so you can put infant seat on stroller while baby is sleeping
        • Toddler Car Seat –you don’t need it till the baby is a bit older, but it’s good to register for so you get it as a gift
          • Britax Boulevard
          • I also heard about a new one called the Click Tight by Britax. It looks awesome and easy to move between cars.
        • Car Seat Strap Covers
        • Car Seat Base – for infant car seat – if you have more than one car (one comes with car seat already)
        • Car Seat Body Support for when baby is tiny
          • Summer Infant has nice options
        • Car Seat Cover to keep car seat clean (get one for infant and toddler)
          • Nomie Baby is good
        • Car seat shade/bug screen
          • I love the Imagine Baby – The Shade Infant Carrier Canopy. You can use it three different ways and it helps for sun, wind, bugs and light rain. Get it in a light color so it doesn’t get too hot.
        • Car seat bundle covers for winter month’s (they have infant bundles and toddler)
          • JJ Cole BundleMe
          • 7 AM Enfant Blanket – if you plan to be out often in the cold and live in a city
        • Car Seat Mirror
        • Seat Saver for Car – goes under car seat base and protects leather seats
        • Stroller
          • Uppababy (Vista) is my favorite
          • The Bugaboo Chameleon is also a nice stroller, but it’s much more expensive
        • Lightweight Jogger Stroller (not necessary unless you run/walk a lot or live in city)
        • Sun Shield for Stroller (the UppaBaby has one built in, so don’t buy extra)
        • Rain Cover for Stroller
        • Hooks for Stroller
        • Stroller arch – awesome purchase. I used it on the stroller until I switched from the infant car seat (which has a bar you can hang toys from) to the toddler car seat (which doesn’t have a way to hand toys) and then used it in the car. I like the one from Tiny Love
        • Diaper Bag — Find a spacious, easy to clean diaper bag – it is very important
          • LeSportsac
          • Marc Jacobs baby bag
        • Baby Carrier
        • Ice packs, bottle coolers
        • Portable changing pad
          • Patemm changing station (try coupon code PATEMM for 20% off) – BEST PURCHASE I MADE!!
        • Pacifier case and wipes and bungees
        • Travel bottle warmer – optional… if you go on long trips it’s great, but it takes too long to heat up to use normally.
        • Formula and cereal dispenser
        • Wipe warmer
          • Munchkin – I recommend not getting the Prince Lionheart version because you have to keep putting water on a pad in it.. so annoying
        • Travel wipe warmer
          • Prince Lionheart
        • Bouncy Seat
          • Fisher Price Little Lamb Seat
          • Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer
          • Mamaroo
          • Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker
        • Swing
          • Fisher Price Little Snuggapuppy Swing
        • Pack-n-Play — look for one that is easy to set up and breakdown for travel purposes
          • 4 Moms
        • Pack-n-play mini mobile
          • Tiny Love
        • Baby Bathtub
          • 4 Moms with built in thermometer — Get spout cover too for when baby moves to bathtub
          • Puj tub for newborns is a must (in addition to whatever tub you buy)
          • Primo Euro bath if you want one after baby grows out of infant tub before using regular tub
        • Baby Monitor
          • Motorola
        • Highchair
          • Peg Perego Prima Pappa Best Paloma Highchair
        • Feeding chair — for when you introduce cereal (before the baby is old enough for the highchair – nice to have, but not essential
        • Diaper pail
          • Diaper Dekor
        • Humidifier
          • Crane drop shape
        • Soother for crib Doesn’t fit on wide rail cribs 🙁
          • Tiny Love Day and Night Soother
        • Sleep Machine –I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A SLEEP MACHINE!! You don’t want to have to watch the TV low or tip toe around your house for the next decade. Get them used to background noise that drowns out other household noises. We use one with a projector that we use as a nightlight. *The Sleep Sheep times out, so it does not work as a true sound machine
        • Shopping cart cover (also for restaurant high chairs)
        • Breastfeeding stuff — don’t over buy – you can get everything you need after you are sure you have success with breast feeding
          • Breast pump
            1. Medela Freestyle was the best, but I haven’t bought in a while
            2. Pump – If you aren’t sure about nursing/pumping, you should rent a pump for a month and see how you do (BabiesRUs rents the Medela hospital grade, which is the best)
            3. Handsfree Pumping Bra if you get a handsfree machine (do not buy yet –you won’t know your size until after giving birth. You can get it at Destination Maternity or order it online from Amazon)
            4. Pumping set (comes w/ Freestyle)
        • Formula — avoid soy!
          • Earth’s Best Organic
          • Baby’s Only Organic
        • Formula Mixer
          • Browns
        • Breast Milk Storage Bags — Get some 5oz and some that hold 8oz
        • Nipple Pads for Bra
        • Nipple cream — get organic
        • Boppy Nursing Pillow or MyBreastFriend — Boppy can be used for tummy time for baby as well, but MyBreastFriend is recommended by specialist and I liked it 100x more for nursing because the baby doesnt sink into the gap between you and the boppy
        • Nursing Cover – get organic
    Things you do not need right away, but will need and should register for:
        • Exersaucer for 4+ months – great to have (use in moderation)
          • Fisher Price Rainforest ExerSaucer Triple Fun
        • Jumperoo for 4 + mo (use in moderation)
          • Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo
        • Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Fun With Friends Table – 5mo+ – put on the floor without legs at first – it will help baby want to sit on their own
        • Teething toys – Sophie the giraffe
        • Disposable Plastic Table Toppers (for restaurants)
        • Feeding Supplies – sippy cups, food containers, spoons etc. – get stage 1 spoons and bowls first for rice cereal at 4 mo
        • If you plan to make food yourself lots of people get the Baby Bullet Set or Beaba, but I found that using a stainless steel rice steamer and a glass blender were better for making a lot at once. The baby ones overheat and don’t hold enough
        • Get extra storage containers that are small so you can portion it out all at once. I recommend you get glass
        • Toothbrush & Toothpaste (1stget gum brush)
          • Jack N Jill
        • Safety Items — Baby Proofing Stuff – Including Gates and edge and corner cushions
        • Baby seat
          • Mamas & Papas snug seat
          • BebePod
          • Fisher Price Sit Me Up
        • Inglesina table chair for restaurants — I started using this in his 5thmonth when my son started sitting unassisted. Nice, but not essential.
          • Eddie Bauer has one that attaches to the seat that is good too. It’s called the Pop Up Booster Seat, it’s easier to travel with, but you can’t use it in a booth
        • Activity mat
    Personal Items (for hospital and afterwards)
        • Bathrobe
        • Nursing Bras (get one size bigger than you are wearing during pregnancy)
        • Sleep Bra
          • Gap Maternity has a nice one
          • Pea In The Pod has a great one too
        • Gauze Underwear (take some from the hospital for the first day or two back home)
        • Maxi pads (take as many as possible from the hospital – most people use them for at least 3 weeks)
        • A bunch of lounge pants or leggings. As comfy as possible.*You do not need all of the clothing they tell you to bring — for instance, you do not need two to three nightgowns – what a waste of money that was!
        • You may want to register with Cord Blood Registry
        • I am sure you are going to use oil on your stomach while pregnant to avoid stretch marks. I recommend Beautycounter’s Lustro Body Oil. Its safe and luxurious. Treat yourself, mama!
        • You may want to do prenatal Yoga, which I highly recommended
          • Suzanne Bowen – Long and Lean!
        • I used belly buds to play classical music to the baby before he was born… see if it’s something that interests you
        • You may consider diffusing essential oils during pregnancy and for newborns. There are hundreds of uses for oils that can benefit pregnant women and babies.
        • I recommend starting Mommy & Me when baby is around 3-5 months. I also started them with swim lessons at 8 months old.
        • Sign up for emails from Baby Center and TheBump so that you can keep up with how he/she will develop at each week (a lot changes each week) and you can learn how to stimulate them and what toys and books to buy them
        • Have music (classical is good) playing all the time – get an iPod and doc for the baby’s nursery. Also you can get apps on your phone to leave by him in other rooms
        • Don’t waste money on peepee teepees — they don’t work and they are a waste of money
        • If you have skin issues during pregnancy contact me about the Beautycounter products that can help with breakouts (i.e. Charcoal Soap + Lustro Face Oil #3 + Essentials Day Cream), hyper-pigmentation/brown spots (i.e. Countertime Enlightening Treatment Pads) and some of the other not so fantastic side effects of pregnancy.
        • Don’t over buy bedding like pack-n-play sheets and crib sheets like I did. You will do the laundry nearly daily so you don’t need more than 2-3 of each
        • Keep EVERYTHING you get from your shower/birth in its original box with the gift receipt (or copy of your registry page). You may not use some of the items for many months and by then there may be a newer version you want to exchange it for
        • If it’s a boy and you want to limit the amount of times you get peed on remember – if it’s standing at attention, cover it!
        • Try using developmental toys slightly before you think you should — it helps the baby get to their milestones early or on time rather than late
        • A great website for when you start introducing solids is
        • You may want to consider changing your diet to organic and using non-toxic cleaning supplies and personal care products while pregnant. For my cleaning product pics check out a previous blog I posted called Stacy’s Product Obsessions. For personal care products check out my site at One of my favorite safer picks is the shampoo and conditioner.
        • For teething you can cut bagels in quarters and leave it out for two days to get stale and then freeze them to give to baby, but always watch while they use it
        • I recommend waiting to purchase an umbrella stroller (compact stroller for travel). You won’t use it till the baby is a bit older and by then there are probably new versions you would want more
        • If you think you may have more than one baby make sure to take a look at how your stroller will convert to a double as it may effect which you buy
        • Sizing works like this: After newborn (NB) you go to 3 months, which is 0-3, then 6 months (3-6), 9 months (6-9), 12 months (9-12), etc.
        • For early infant, I recommend the following toys and books: (the rest you will figure out on your own once you know your child’s preferences)
          • Any of the LOOK LOOK BOOKS by Peter Linenthal
          • Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano
          • A baby safe mirror (we like the Sassy crib and floor mirror)
          • Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes
          • Plastic Keys

    For information on the Beautycounter products listed on this list please direct message me., or visit my site at

    For information on DoTerra Essential Oils please visit my friend, Anna’s, site She can guide you step-by-step regarding which oils to use and how to use them during pregnancy and for infants.

  • Best of luck with everything and enjoy every minute of this special time in your life!-Stacy                    
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Gorgeous, safe lip sheers and glosses

Happy Saturday! Anyone going anywhere special? Need a new lip color to complete your look? I’ve got you covered!
I highly recommend Beautycounter’s LIP SHEERS!! They are super moisturizing and taste and smell like vanilla cupcake and our LIP GLOSSES are smooth and light and give that perfect finishing shine. Both add moisture using plant-based ingredients such as jojoba oil and their light scent is from real vanilla – rather than the typical synthetic flavors and fragrances that are linked to negative impact on health. We also obviously never use lead or BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene). Our lip products also NEVER contain lead, which is a neurotoxin or BHT, which is a toluene based preservative and fragrance ingredient that is linked to cancer and organ toxicity. Both are unfortunately common ingredients in other lipsticks and glosses on the market today, which is quite scary.
These lip sheers have a somewhat sheer look to them and do not go on heavy. They leave lips feeling supple and come in a variety of colors (see photo). I use ‘nude’ and top it with the ‘buff’ lip gloss to add some extra shine for a night out. The gloss is super smooth and never sticky or gooey like others I’ve used.
Take a look at these third-party articles gushing about our lip sheers and glosses:
Goop                      Examiner                     Good Being
I have all the colors, so me know if you want to take a look. Enjoy your weekend
lip sheers lip sheers smear lip gloss
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Watch out for GMO’s!

After reading this article about the dangers of GMO’s I began searching for images to post along with it for you. Prior to doing so I knew GMO’s were bad and have been vigilant about buying non-GMO foods and organic whenever possible, but these images I found were still shocking. I’m doing my part trying to shop the right brands and avoid monsanto products and I hope you do/will too. Everyone can make a difference by putting their dollars behind companies that care about our health and support Prop 37, which gives us the right to know if our food has been genetically engineered.

How do you feel about this issue and how do you avoid GMO’s?







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