16 of the dumbest ways people have injured themselves (plus one from me!)

I recently saw this list of the 16 dumbest ways people have injured themselves. I then remembered the dumbest way I injured myself and thought I would share.

This is the link to the list if you’re interested:

When I was in college I was told that I should dab some nail polish remover on a pimple to dry it up. In hindsight (now that I am a much more well informed adult) that seems dumb enough in itself, but I took it to a whole new level of dumb when I placed a cotton swab with nail polish remover on my pimple and proceeded to fall asleep on the couch. When I woke up I had a dime size, circular burn mark on my face! The good news: the pimple was gone! The bad news: so were 7 layers of skin! It was pretty special, and I am fairly certain some of you reading this will remember laughing at me when I explained what happened to my face upon returning to school.

Obviously I would never put nail polish remover on my face now! These days to treat a blemish I would put some Beautycounter Lustro Face Oil #3 on that sucker and wave it goodbye!

Quick tip – you should always place your face creams/oils on your hand and then apply to your face to avoid contaminating the wand or applicator.

Feel free to comment with your silly story so we can all have a good laugh 🙂


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